Worksop councillor in Twitter row over calling conservative leadership candidates “Poundland Prime Minister wanabees”

Simon Greaves pictured in Worksop Town Centre.
Simon Greaves pictured in Worksop Town Centre.

A Worksop councillor who called Conservative leadership hopefuls “Poundland Prime Minister Wanabees” in a tweet has been slammed by the company.

As the Tories took part in the BBC debate on Tuesday evening Worksop North East Councillor Simon Greaves tweeted:

“Tonight #Bassetlaw #Labour #Councillors prioritised more money for #councilhousing & dealing with the realities of #tory #austerity.. I think our evening was more productive than the bunch of #Poundland #PrimeMinister wannabe’s on TV #BBCOurNextPM #NorthNotts #ToryLeadership”

Poundland managing director responded with a tweet from the company:

Here at Poundland we couldn’t help notice your tweet last night extolling your own virtues and contrasting those with what you described as “Poundland Wannabee Prime Ministers”.

We’re sure your self proclaimed achievements are indeed significant and deserving of the highest praise.

However you’ll perhaps forgive us for asking where precisely in your legal training to become a solicitor, you decided it was acceptable, or indeed wise to disparage the name of a local business in your pursuit of acclaim.

Even setting aside the legal question, it seems a very strange course of action for a member of the Sheffield City Region local enterprise partnership to denigrate a local business.

Let us be clear Mr Greaves - we’ll leave the politics to you , but we would ask you consider carefully whether disparaging the name of a local business and its 18,000 hardworking people is really the kind of thing you should be proud of.

Some may conclude that the use of our name in this way says more about you than us.

We trust you’ll choose your words more carefully in future,

Love Barry Williams

Managing Director, Poundland

Coun Greaves said: “The intention of my tweet was in no way meant to be disparaging to Poundland and their hardworking staff. I was happy to offer an apology and am glad it was accepted. Whilst this may not have come across in the way I wanted, my intention was to highlight the work that Labour councillors are doing at a local level to improve council housing in Bassetlaw. Work that is necessary to deal with the realities of Tory Austerity that has been brought about by the Government and the MPs who are currently doing their best to charm their way into the Prime Minister’s job.”

See the Twitter row here

See the Twitter row here