Worksop Brexit Party hopeful Debbie 'boxing clever' at event

The Brexit Party parliamentary candidate for Bassetlaw has kicked off her election campaign with a roadshow event that included party leader Nigel Farage.
Brexit Party hopeful Debbie Soloman speaking at the event in BolsoverBrexit Party hopeful Debbie Soloman speaking at the event in Bolsover
Brexit Party hopeful Debbie Soloman speaking at the event in Bolsover

Speaking at the event in Bolsover, Debbie Soloman addressed about 180 Brexit Party supporters from the unusual location of a boxing ring – blaming many of Bassetlaw’s troubles on 90 years of Labour control.

She said: “This is a year of firsts for me – the first time I’ve joined a political party, the first time I’ve been on the Sunday Politics and definitely the first time I’ve been in a boxing ring.

“Labour has held Bassetlaw for the past 90 years, but what have they done for Bassetlaw? Have they improved our town centres? No; they are going down hill. Businesses are leaving. They are empty. They are no longer a focus for our community.

“Things have got worse. The drugs problem and the anti-social behaviour in Worksop and Retford have got worse. They haven’t solved that.

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Wading into Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government, she said that they were “good at big headline projects and announcements of big investment at election time”.

“Are we stupid?” she asked the crowd. “This is a bribe.

“It’s about continued and sustained investment.

“It’s about leaving the EU so we stop sending them money and spend it on our schools, hospitals and social care.”

She also outlined a key Brexit Party policy is to introduce 0 per cent business rates on retail premises to “encourage business back into our high streets”.

At a lavish London launch he revealed plans to field 600 candidates in the General Election, set to take place on December 12.

However, just hours later, it emerged 20 had already quit.

Speaking at the Bolsover event, he said people “deserve to vote for a candidate who says we should leave the European Union, leave its institutions and not be trapped for years and years to come.”