Union bill for seriously ill workers gets my full support

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

The Dying at Work campaign is an initiative led by the GMB union to ensure that employers give full support to those workers who are very seriously ill, writes John Mann MP.

Someone with final stage cancer, for example, needs to be treated with dignity at work and be able to continue working as best they can and not have the additional trauma of facing being sacked or made redundant.

The union, which has received active support for this campaign from Rory Palmer MEP, Bassetlaw council leader Coun Simon Greaves and previous county council leader Coun Alan Rhodes, has negotiated with many employers to get them signed up

I have backed the campaign through Parliament.

Tim Roache, the GMB leader, is at the forefront of this campaign and he is currently up for re-election and I strongly recommend that those union members in Bassetlaw join me in voting for him.

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I met with the Football Foundation this week to talk through theirs and the FA’s football strategy for Bassetlaw.

It is vital to get this right and for the first time have a single coherent and agreed plan for the development of grassroots football facilities in the area.

I was surprised to learn that many councils are charging CIL tax on football improvements and the Football Foundation leadership was delighted to learn that Bassetlaw council charges nothing.

It is no wonder that grassroots football is hitting problems and this plan will include a proper schedule of ensuring changing rooms and toilets are available for girls and boys playing football in this area.

Bassstlaw is a national leader when it comes to the number of girls playing football at local schools.

Following the huge success of the women’s World Cup, we have an opportunity to really develop the women’s game now.

The more active you are, the happier and healthier you are and the longer you should expect to live.

Access to sport in Bassetlaw must be a key element of the health agenda and I will lobby new Prime Minister Boris Johnson on this.