Thank you all for your kind and loyal support during my time as Bassetlaw's MP

That’s it folks, I have gone to the House of Lords, writes Lord Mann.

By Steve Eyley
Friday, 1st November 2019, 7:30 am
Lord Mann
Lord Mann

My title is Lord Mann of Holbeck Moor in the City of Leeds, where my family lived for more than 100 years.

My office in Worksop is now officially closed but letters to Lord Mann will suffice and my [email protected] email remains.

I will continue to live and be active locally, but after nearly 1,000 columns, this is my final weekly column for the Worksop Guardian.

This newspaper has played a unique role in the lives of local people for more than a century.

Its editors have been a pleasure to work with and know, not least the legendary George Robinson.

Together we ran big powerful campaigns - my very first within weeks of becoming an MP on the notorious speed-humps, funded, so I recall, by the European Union.

But I am now free never to utter the word Brexit again if I wish.

I want to thank the tens of thousands of you who have been so kind, so supportive, so loyal, to our area.

My final act was to secure a promise from the Health Secretary for the £14.9 million for Bassetlaw Accident and Emergency and children’s emergency services.

I will have something to say if he fails to deliver – and he has put it in writing.

I think it fair to say that I have always put Bassetlaw first.

I stepped on toes, annoyed and upset powerful people, fought off lawsuits and turned down front-bench office in order to win for this area.

I pass the mantle on to whoever you elect, and so far all the candidates are women, so perhaps Bassetlaw will get its first ever female MP.

My advice to you is to get a postal vote – December 12 is more than likely going to be dark, cold and miserable.

As a member of the Lords, I do not get a vote again in Parliamentary elections, but I urge you to use your vote.

My first promise to you was that I would work hard, my final promise is that I will never forget your kindness and generosity.

Thank you and the very best to you and your families for the future.