South Yorkshire mayor Dan Jarvis to implement mandatory facemasks at these bus interchanges as he hits out at government policy

Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis MPSheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis MP
Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis MP
South Yorkshire mayor Dan Jarvis, has said facemasks will remain mandatory in bus stations and interchanges across the region where the authority operates.

This follows the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, that the legal requirement to wear masks in enclosed public spaces and on public transport will end on July 19.

The mayor said it was ‘not the time’ to remove the legal restriction on mask wearing on public transport and enclosed spaces.

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Sheffield City Region has authority to impose the rule at the following bus stations and interchanges. These are:

Sheffield Interchange Meadowhall Interchange Rotherham Interchange Barnsley Interchange Doncaster Interchange Adwick Mini Interchange Dinnington Mini Interchange Hillsborough Mini Interchange Swinton Mini Interchange Woodhouse Railway Station Arundel Gate Mini Interchange

Mayor Dan Jarvis said: “With Covid-19 case numbers continuing to rise rapidly, now is not the time to remove the legal requirement to wear face masks on public transport and in enclosed public spaces.

“This is why from Monday, at the bus stations and interchanges we control in South Yorkshire wearing face coverings will continue to be mandatory.

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“We wear masks to protect each other from the virus, and the mixed messages from this government risks making public transport a no-go area for the vulnerable and young people who haven’t yet had both vaccinations.

“The government has the power to make masks a legal requirement for transport networks and enclosed spaces across England and I urge them to do so. A national mandate would without a doubt be more effective and create less confusion for passengers and fewer challenges for staff.

“But if the government is unwilling to act, then alongside other metro mayors, we are doing what we can, with the powers we have, to protect our community.

“I urge everyone in South Yorkshire to continue to wear a mask in public so we can protect each other as we emerge from lockdown. We’ve come so far through this pandemic – we need to keep everyone as safe as we can as the restrictions are lifted.”