Restraining order after dead bird sent in post

Roger Dyas-Elliott arrives at Worksop Magistrates Court  (w120723-5b)
Roger Dyas-Elliott arrives at Worksop Magistrates Court (w120723-5b)

A ‘BITTER’ Carlton man responsible for sending a dead bird to the wife of Bassetlaw MP John Mann has received a restraining order.

Roger Dyas-Elliott, 65, from Ramsden Crescent, admitted to the indecent act.

Coun Jo White pictured next to her house post box in North Wheatley  (w120522-1d)

Coun Jo White pictured next to her house post box in North Wheatley (w120522-1d)

Appearing before Worksop Magistrates Court on Thursday 26th July for sentencing, the court heard how Dyas-Elliot found the dead blackbird in his garden before putting it in a jiffy bag and posting it to Coun White’s home address.

Coun White, who was voted into office for Worksop East in this year’s local elections, returned home to North Wheatley on the evening of Wednesday 16th May to find the package addressed to her. The court heard how the package ‘had such an awful and noxious smell that it made her wretch and feel sick’.

Coun White then called the emergency services in fear that it was a bomb, before police, fire and ambulance crews arrived and the area was cordoned off.

Dyas-Elliot said that he sent the package because he was ‘bitter’ after his application to run as a Labour councillor was declined by the group’s Bassetlaw District Applications Panel, which included Coun White - due to his ‘unkempt appearance’.

Jo Chadd, prosecuting, said: “He felt very bitter about it, and mostly blamed Coun White. He said that it was a political and personal protest against her and he felt justified at the time, but now regrets his actions.”

Defending Dyas-Elliott, Ian Pridham said: “My client realises that he was in the wrong. His upset had built up over time and he was at a low ebb because of his depression.”

Sentencing Dyas-Elliott, M Humphrey said: “This was a bitter act and you know that it was offensive.”

Dyas-Elliott was given a high-level community order for two years, ordered to pay £100 compensation to Coun White and given a restraining order to stay away and not contact her indefinitely.

Speaking after the sentencing, Coun White said the result was ‘a huge relief’.

“I was really shocked to find that it was someone that I knew,” she said. “I’m horrified that he wanted to punish me personally. It’s shocking and distressing.”

Coun White continued: “Hopefully I can now move on and this will draw a line under the whole affair. I’m pleased with the sentencing. I still experience distress and feel uneasy every time I open the mail in my home and this will all take time to get over.”

“I don’t want to see him ever again.”