Respect all countries’ work laws

Bassetlaw MP John Mann
Bassetlaw MP John Mann
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I broke ranks on Monday and called for the renegotiation of the Treaty of Rome, to stop the free movement of labour.

I argued that in Europe we should be able to go wherever we want, but that for work there should be work permits.

I was asked whether that should apply to Britons abroad and the answer is Yes.

My daughter works in Germany. It should be up to the German Government whether she is allowed to work in her school there or not and we should be allowed to visit however and whenever we want, without restriction.

That is what I call a people’s Europe and that is what I am campaigning for.

I saw some amazing gardening at Gringley this week, and 18 schools have set up and learned how to manage school gardens.

I therefore announced a 2014 schools gardens competition, which the Sun newspaper has already offered to sponsor along with Veolia.

It was amazing to see how easy it was to create beautiful gardens and of course how to grow vegetables, which the school kids particularly liked.

Perhaps others would like to get involved with this next year? In my view, if young people do not know how to grow and cook their own food then the community will have severe problems in future decades.

I am pleased that my party leader has stated that he would stop any new free schools because in my view they are the most dangerous idea of all at the moment.

I get fed up of parents who think they can run schools better than teachers.

Perhaps they might apply the same logic to a vehicle repair garage or a doctor’s operating theatre. I think not.

But more dangerous, are those with a very clear agenda, political extremists, in fact extremists of any kind wanting to impose their values on children and society.

Free schools attracts these types. I predicted the problems in Birmingham this week, where a free school run by Islamists is forcing teachers to wear a veil and segregating girls in the classroom.

This is not acceptable in Great Britain.

I discussed my views with the Saudi Arabian ambassador where they do segregate girls at school.

We agreed that in his country that is their choice, and it is not for me or other British politicians to stick our Western noses in and criticise.

Likewise in this country we do things the British way. Free schools are an irresponsible gamble with our future by Michael Gove.

I warned him of the consequences, but he ignored me. Now look where his so-called freedoms have got us.

Let me go further. I get the chance to travel meeting other Parliaments on occasion and I have always taken holidays abroad to see the world.

When I go to an Arab country, I am happy to experience an entirely different culture.

If in China, I will eat a traditional Chinese breakfast, if in England it will be English. And let’s be consistent with this.

I don’t want people moaning if they are arrested for drinking alcohol in an Arab country, that is their tradition and law so respect it.

And in England, we do not cover our faces with veils, particularly not in schools and hospitals, so respect our traditions and law.

I see tweets from the Worksop Guardian about the goals, drama and incident at Worksop Town, these days on the pitch rather than off it.

It doesn’t seem to be all going Worksop’s way, but it looks like the entertainment level is back.

I will have to get myself back to Sandy Lane and perhaps a few more readers should as well to give the team some support.