Plans refused to turn a detached property in Worksop into multiple occupancy home

A plan to convert a detached property in Worksop into a house of multiple occupancy has been refused.

Tuesday, 18th January 2022, 9:53 am

An application was submitted to Bassetlaw District Council seeking permission to convert the property at 17 George Street into a HMO, which would have included seven separate units.

There were 21 letters of objection to the plans from residents and a petition of 45 signatures had been submitted to the council.

One of the applicants spoke at a recent council planning meeting when the application was discussed.

An application has been considered for 17 George Street, in Worksop.

Concerns included the additional cars on the street, the possibility of an increase in anti-social behaviour on the street where lots of families live and where the potential 14 bins for the property would be stored.

Councillor David Pressley, who represents Worksop North West, also spoke against the application.

The applicant, Dawid Dowbusz, also spoke at the meeting and reassured councillors that he had seven years of experience running similar properties in Sheffield and Coventry.

He said none of his other properties had issues with anti-social behaviour, there were strict no party policies in place, regular monitoring visits from landlords.

He added that most tenants used public transport so there was unlikely to be an increase in cars on the street and any issues that arise from the development would be addressed.

A vote was lost to defer the decision which would allow the committee to hear additional evidence from the applicant.

A council planning officer had recommended to the committee that planning permission be granted, subject to certain conditions.

However the committee voted five to two to refuse planning permission, with one councillor abstaining from the vote.