NHS frontline Covid-19 responder announces he will stand as candidate to become Bassetlaw MP in general election

An NHS hero has declared his aspiration to stand as Labour’s candidate in Bassetlaw at the next general election.

Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 5:39 pm

Dr Neeraj Patil, an A&E consultant at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, in a Kent borough, has revealed he will stand as a Labour parliamentary candidate in Bassetlaw.

The husband and father has been the Mayor of Lambeth from 2010 to 2011 and has previous experience of running as a parliamentary candidate for Putney in 2017.

He has stated he will relocate to Bassetlaw if elected.

Dr Neeraj Patil has announced his plan to run as Labour's parliamentary candidate

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In his manifesto he said he has seen the impact of Conservative cuts on the NHS every day and hears the ‘complaints’ from teachers and parents about cuts to schools.

He said: “I've held public office before as a councillor and Mayor but I'm no career politician. Every time I have stood for Labour… because I want to deliver for local people.

“I've always taken the fight to the Tories, not giving up when I've lost, but each time come back stronger, determined to win.

“I believe in collective leadership and teamwork – local councillors, party members, officers, and members will always have a seat at my table and a voice. Your ideas will shape our campaign if you send me to Parliament from day one.

“We live in challenging times. People are losing faith in politicians. More than ever,

“Bassetlaw needs a Labour MP that will show how we're different, bring in the change we need, and set the highest possible standards locally.

“As your candidate, I will place myself and the local party on an election footing to save our NHS and community services. It might be weeks or months, but we know an election is coming.

“Together we can unite our community and win Bassetlaw for Labour.”

Earlier this month Councillor Jo White, Deputy Leader of Bassetlaw District Council, announced she will also be standing as Labour’s candidate.

On July 5 she revealed in a Tweet she has the ‘experience and leadership skills needed to bring the party together to campaign for a Labour victory’.

The Deputy Leader and wife of former Labour Bassetlaw MP John Mann said through her upbringing she knows of the difficulties of when there are ‘only pennies available to pay for food or heating’.

She said: “My childhood was dominated by my mum studying for exams, ultimately graduating from the Open University and becoming a midwife.

"Access to education not only changed my mother’s life but it fundamentally altered our life paths as well, opening us all up to new opportunities, experiences, ideas and aspirations we would never have otherwise dreamed of, and this is what I want for Bassetlaw people.

"As Deputy Leader of the council, I led on the visioning and work to get the funding for the newly opened Bridge Skills Hub in Worksop, providing access to skills and training up to degree level.”