My staff working for you

John Mann
John Mann
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Last year Mr GP Brookes wrote a letter attacking MPs over ‘long holidays’.

His letter backfired, because I was there working for you during my ‘holiday’. Now he asks dozens of questions that are available on the internet and my website.

If he bothered to read this paper he would also have found his answers including from information that I have detailed in my column. He has had knocking letters in this paper most years.

He pretends not to have a computer working, but then sends his letter to the paper by email. A bit a of giveaway that one!

Of course if any reader ever needs help with accessing information from the internet they only have to let me know and my staff will help them to do so.

What Mr GP Brookes does is attack what my staff do, questioning their commitment and hours worked. Let me tell you what they do. Well, they deal with issues raised by you – by you, I mean Mr GP Brookes, not just once but twice, and on one occasion with my staff working into the evening on his behalf.

I therefore do not wish to waste their valuable time by answering Mr Brookes questions.

He can get on the internet and answer them himself, because they have more important things to do.

Let me tell you what my five staff are dealing with this week: well there is the threat to 120 jobs at one of our companies because of the banks own difficulties. There are the expansion plans of another.

While I gave evidence on the Elkesley incinerator at the planning committee in Nottingham, they are progress chasing the Elkesley Bridge.

Then there is awful death of a young man by a speeding motorist. There is the man wrongly forced out of his job. There are a number of child at risk issues. An allegation of rape not being prosecuted. There are numerous housing issues, tax issues, passport issues. Dozens of people have raised post office privatisation. Easy access to the internet means that new issues came in 24-7.

For example we are assisting an elderly couple, separated by old age and Alzheimer’s, where they want to live together and are battling the system.

Hugely complex to sort out and I do not know if we will win, but life transforming if we do.

That is what my staff do, day in day out and it is what they are doing this week.

As for the sneering from the likes of Mr Brookes it hardly needs saying that he is in a tiny minority of people who ask for my help.

Sadly, it’s this sort of attitude that has led to my staff now keeping a list of the good wins that they have achieved for local people and I am proud to list some of the 2013 successes so far – the refurbished kitchen, despite the council saying no; local pavements replaced; many tax bill errors corrected; utility bills sorted; student finance concerns cleared up; sick pay now being paid; a homeless family now in a flat; a pensioner scam with the fraudsters now serving time; police delays successfully tackled; PPI wins; parking fine victories; blue badge admin delay wrestled; A1 repairs sorted; getting the longed for new boiler fitted; BT landline fixed; employment disputes resolved; and the list goes on....

These are both big and small successes but all have had a significant impact on people’s lives.

I know that the rest of Bassetlaw do not mock when we try to help them. Instead they say thank you to my hard working staff, even if we do not win for them.