Mayor visits hometown to retrace the steps of her well-known Worksop grandfather

The newly elected mayor of Cirencester has travelled back to her hometown of Worksop to deliver a civic gift and revisit her grandfather’s history in the town.

Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 7:00 am

Councillor Claire Bloomer and newly elected mayor of Cirencester Town Council visited Worksop to present Bassetlaw Council with a civic gift from the Costwolds town.

Worksop Mayor Tony Eaton and council chairman Jack Bowker met Coun Bloomer in the district office for a two hour discussion on their future plans for the respective towns.

For Coun Claire Bloomer, this trip was more than just duty as her grandfather, Walter Bloomer, served in public office for more than 20 years in the Bassetlaw area.

Mayor of Cirencester Claire Bloomer presenting Worksop Mayor Tony Eaton and Bassetlaw District Council chairman Jack Bowker with a civic gift.

Walter also met Princess Diana on her visit to Bassetlaw Hospital after the opening of the children’s hospital department in 1989.

Coun Bloomer said: “I've taken a lot more interest in what my grandfather actually achieved in his time and it was just lovely to go back and see where he was based.

“After fighting in World War Two, he was a local chimney sweep and he worked down the collieries.

"For years he was head of Nottinghamshire Police force, head of Bassetlaw Hospital, and he was the mayor twice.

Former mayor of Worksop Walter Bloomer pictured with wife Alice.

“Looking back at his history is quite remarkable.”

A plaque on a tree planted by Walter Bloomer is set to be reinstated in The Canch, Worksop, after being damaged.

Coun Bloomer hopes that both councillors will now visit Cirencester.

“I believe we can learn so much from more connections like this to help not only our own communities but that of others too,” she said.

“We’ve all been through Covid, we know it’s affected our town centres.

“We want to find how we can bounce back.”

Coun Bloomer was first elected as a town councillor in Cirencester three years ago before becoming a district councillor and elected as mayor of Cirencester town council six weeks ago.

She left Worksop at age 11 after moving with her parents to the Cotswolds.

Her mother and father moved back to Worksop 15 years ago.

Coun Eaton said: “All three councillors enjoyed a couple of hours sharing ideas and plans about both towns.

"I believe we can learn so much from more connections like this to help not only our own communities but that of others to.”