High tech smart bins "overflowing" in Dinnington after signal malfunction

A Dinnington councillor say's the high street's high-tech bins are overflowing - because they are not sending signals to the council's cleaning teams to notify them that they are full.

By Danielle Andrews, Local Democracy Reporter
Monday, 25th April 2022, 1:42 pm

The bins which contain a solar powered hydraulic ram to compact the waste, can hold up to eight times more waste than a regular litter bin.

The bins send a signal to the council's cleaning teams when they are full and need to be emptied.

However, a Dinnington councillor says they are not sending the signal to staff when they need emptying, leading to an overflow of litter.

A councillor has stated that the solar-panelled 'bigbelly' bins on Dinninton high street are overflowing due to a fault.

Councillor Ben Whomersley, Conservative councillor for Dinnington, told a meeting of RMBC's full council last week that the new solar powered bins are "overflowing"

Councillor Dominic Beck, cabinet member for transportation and environment said: "There has been some intermittent problems when we have been rolling out the new bins.

"They have not always been sending the alerts that they should be doing to our staff to let them know that it needs emptying.

"This may have affected Dinnington high street, but we are reassured now that the problems with some of those bins have been fixed and rectified."

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