Police winning war on shoplifting in Worksop

Worksop town centreWorksop town centre
Worksop town centre
A crackdown on shoplifting in Worksop has seen a 'significant' drop in shop theft across the town- despite the fact more than 170 incidents have been reported to police this year.

An FOI request by the Guardian revealed that 176 reports of shoplifting were made to Nottinghamshire Police from January to June 2016.

The force said the number was an improvement on last year’s figures and demonstrated tactics put in place to tackle shoplifting in the area, such as high-visibility patrols, were proving effective.

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Worksop town centre Sergeant Elizabeth Smith, of Nottinghamshire Police, said:“We work closely with businesses throughout the town on many issues including shoplifting and we are pleased to report that shop theft in Worksop and across Bassetlaw is down significantly on last year.

“We have already run successful operations in the town centre this year which have led to a reduction in shoplifting and we currently have another operation running at the moment aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour in the town centre and shoplifting.

“Included in our tactics are high-visibility patrols in the town centre.

“We also actively engage in Shop Watch where we work closely alongside town centre businesses, store managers and security staff to ensure we are aware of any problems facing businesses in Worksop so we are in a position to help solve them.”

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Philip Jackson, chair of Worksop Business Forum said: “Over the years, shop managers have worked hard to reduce shoplifting in Worksop with the help of shop watch radio system which keeps shops up to date as to who is active in the area. I don’t hear as many comments of shoplifting as I used to, but I am aware of a business where shoplifters take products from the shelves and in most cases put the goods back when confronted by staff.”

A shop assistant who did not wish to be named said he had worked in the town for many years and knew which prolific “faces to look out for.”

But he added: “It has certainly quietened down on the theft-front recently.”