Police use dog to track down drugs

A POLICE drugs dog has been used in Maltby following increases in reports of anti-social behaviour and violence linked to the use of drugs.

Monday, 24th September 2012, 2:43 pm

Officers took the dog into recreational areas around Maltby, focusing on particular hotspots of anti-social behaviour.

They also visited Maltby Fair and, later in the evening, local pubs, with Special Constables, drugs advisors and Police Community Support Officers.

Chief inspector Ian Womersley said the passive drugs dog is an extremely effective way of finding drugs, wherever the illegal substances are hidden.

He said: “We have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour connected to drugs use in and around Rotherham.”

“An effective way to identify those carrying drugs is by use of a passive drugs dog. The dog is skillfully trained to find illegal drugs whether it’s a large amount or just residue.”

“Wherever users hide drugs these amazing dogs will find them.”

“The dogs have absolutely no interest in drugs and what they are actually looking for is their favourite toy.”

“The dogs are trained to perform regardless of distractions such as loud music and crowds.”

“We have a number of such operations planned over the coming months in many different parts of Rotherham to ensure Rotherham is a safer place to live, work and visit.”

During the operation in Maltby police cautions and drug awareness advice was given to people found in possession.

The operation was also carried out in Wickersely, before the team moved on into Rotherham town centre and conducted searches of pubs and clubs.

South Yorkshire Police said eight people were found in possession of illegal drugs during the operation and offenders were spoken to about the consequences and side effects of taking illegal substances.

A force spokesman said: “The operation found eight people in possession of illegal drugs, which was well received by licencees and the public, and sends a very clear message out that if you use illegal drugs, the police will identify you and deal with you very firmly.”