Police urge motorists to avoid North Nottinghamshire due to dangerous driving conditions

Police are urging motorists to postpone road journeys to North Nottinghamshire today after snow has led to dangerous driving conditions and multiple collisions.

Thursday, 29th January 2015, 2:22 pm

There are closures on the A60, the A614 and the A631, with particularly problems in Gringley-on-the-Hill and Hallcroft Road in Retford.

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If you do have to drive, check our safety tips:

Check your lights and brakes are working effectively, including the handbrake and the fog lamps.

Make sure the tread of your tyres is of the legal depth and the rubber of your windscreen wipers is adequate to clear your windows.

Ensure your heaters are working and you have added antifreeze to your radiator and windscreen washers.

Keep a window scraper and de-icer in your car. Consider having a bottle of water, boots, coat and a blanket in the boot just in case you get stuck in the snow.

Leave plenty of time for your journey so you can take it easy on your trip.

Leave ample room between you and the vehicle in front to allow for wet, slippery surfaces.