Police to breathalyse all crash drivers during Christmas period

Drivers in Nottinghamshire who are involved in crashes during the Christmas period will be breathalysed - even if they are not suspected of drink driving.

By Liam Norcliffe
Monday, 30th November 2015, 9:12 am

Nottinghamshire Police has launched its annual Drink and Drugs Driving campaign today.

The force has said there will be an increase in traffic patrols, as well as roadside checks.

Chief Inspector Phil Vickers, East Midlands operational support services lead of road policing, said: “Do not run the risk of drink-driving. Always make sure, if you plan to consume alcohol when you go out, that you get a taxi or public transport home.

“In addition, if you are out with someone who is driving home, make you sure do not offer them an alcoholic drink.”

Last year, between midday on Christmas Eve and midday on Boxing Day, 13 people were charged with drink driving. Between midday New Year’s Eve and midday New Year’s Day, 18 people were found to be over the limit. One sample reading was 146 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath, just over four times the legal limit.

Chf Insp Vickers added: “Christmas is a great time to go out and socialise with friends and neighbours.

“But just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean that the dangers of drink driving are not there. It is always frustrating to see that, despite knowing the consequences, some drivers still consider themselves to be above the law by getting behind the wheel having knowingly consumed too much alcohol. We are not looking to spoil your fun but by drinking and driving, you risk your own life, the lives of your passengers and other road users.

“Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive and remember that you may still be over the limit the morning after a night out. At best you risk a large fine, a criminal record and a ban from driving for 12 months – not the way we’d want anyone to start 2016.

“Perpetual drink drivers will choose to drink and drive any day of the year so I want to ask for support from the public 365 days a year to help take them off the roads. Please help keep the county’s roads safe by reporting drink drivers.”