Police raid on Worksop home reveals cannabis grow ‘experiment’ in attic

A Worksop man’s cannabis growing ‘experiment’ was exposed in a police raid after he and his friend went into a supermarket smelling of the Class B drug and were reported by staff.

By Sophie Wills
Tuesday, 7th April 2015, 2:53 pm
Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

Adrian Rynkiewicz, 29, of Gateford Road, and Piotr Kosicki, 24, of Kilton Road, appeared together at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 2nd April.

Outlining the case for the prosecution, Sanjay Jerath told the court how Rynkiewicz and Kosiki were pulled over by police last November after they were reported by Worksop Tesco staff .

When the vehicle, which belonged to Kosiki, was searched, police discovered that Kosiki only held a provisional driving licence and was also in possession of a small bag of amphetamine and 41 grams of cannabis, which he admitted he had bought from a ‘stranger’ in the town centre.

This led to police searching Rynkiewcz’s property on Kilton Road, where six cannabis plants were later discovered in the attic.

Rynkiewicz stated the cannabis in Kosiki’s car did not belong to him but pleaded guilty to growing the cannabis plants in his property after spending £400 on equipment.

Defence solicitor David Verity said: “Kosiki and Rynkiewczs came to the UK six years ago and became good friends through work.”

“Kosiki has a cannabis addiction but be says that being arrested is a wake up call for him, and he has drastically reduced his intake.”

“Rynkiewcz says that the cannabis grow was purely an experiment, and that the cannabis was strictly for his own use with no intent to supply.”

“I do get the impression they have both learn their lessons from this,” Mr Verity added.

Magistrates said: “This was a very large amount of drugs that were being both used and grown, and we’re afraid that offences like these cannot go unpunished.”

Kosiki was fined £200 and ordered to pay £80 court costs and a £25 victim surcharge. His driving record was also endorsed with three points.

Rynkiewicz’s case was adjourned for sentencing until Friday 10th April at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court.