Police deny traffic cops will be based away from the county

Traffic copsTraffic cops
Traffic cops
Nottinghamshire Police have denied claims that road traffic and armed response cops will be based in Lincolnshire under restructuring plans.

A spokesman for the force said that a ‘dual role’ team will be in place for roads, armed policing and a serious collision investigations unit to be based at the headquarters at Sherwood Lodge, and will be supported by officers based in Grantham, if required.

A statement from the police said: “ Detailed analysis of demand for operational support services across the East Midlands has shown that combining certain roles, such as roads policing and armed policing, improves officer utilisation, increases efficiency, flexibility and resilience, and provides better value for money to the taxpayer from those services.

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“Under the East Midlands Operational Support Service structure, there will be a ‘dual role’ roads and armed policing unit and Serious Collision Investigation Unit based at the Nottinghamshire Police Headquarters at Sherwood Lodge.

“They will be supported, as and when required, by specialist tactical officers who are based at Grantham.”

However, it comes after a former police worker contacted Chad to express concern that local traffic officers, who respond to major road collision, could soon be based in Grantham.

The former staff worker, who did not want to be named, said: “I’m not surprised what the police have said, at the moment Nottinghamshire Police is being broken up into segments and disappearing all over the East Midlands.

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“Officers have told me that they are being told they need to go to Grantham.

“They have told me that if the public knew what was happening, they’d realise it’s a matter of life and death.

“One said that if a person is involved in an accident, it better be outside the Queen’s Medical Centre, because otherwise it could take hours.”