Police charged 43 people during its Christmas drink drive campaign

A breathalyzer and drug swob. Picture: Andrew Roe
A breathalyzer and drug swob. Picture: Andrew Roe

Lincolnshire Police’s ‘Think Don’t Drink’ campaign has now come to an end and overall 43 people, including people from Gainsborough, were charged over the festive period.

As part of the campaign the identities of people found to be driving under the influence of drugs were released with the hope that this will make people think twice before getting behind the wheel.

On Sunday, December 24, Joe Watson, 23, of Blyborough, was arrested in High Street, Marton, and will appear before Lincoln Magistrates on January 18, and on Monday, January 1, Samantha Kay, 36, of Saracen Close, Gainsborough, was arrested on Foxby Lane, Gainsborough and she will appear at Lincoln Magistrates on January 25.

Superintendent Phil Vickers said: “This campaign has highlighted how many people we do charge with driving over the limit, and by highlighting the amount of people who have been charged with this offence, we hope that it starts to make people think before they do go and drink-drive.

“Over the two weeks we have seen people charged with this offence almost daily, highlighting how much time our officers dedicate to reducing this type of offence.

“All of the 43 charged will appear in court in January, and we will continue to charge individuals throughout the year. Even though you will no longer see them named on our website, they will be available on the court listings.

“If in any way we have raised awareness, or stopped just one person from making a fatal mistake and getting in their car after drinking, then I consider this campaign a success.”