Poker Blog: Poker In The Pit - Week 3

Poker player Nick Tyler  (w110505-3a)
Poker player Nick Tyler (w110505-3a)
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Welcome back to The Pit! Well last week saw me playing at Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham on Wednesday but unfortunately I busted out in 152nd position out of the 284 runners.

Disappointed as I was, I knew that a small stake of £50 to win a 1st prize of over £20,000 would always create a scrappy game.

Determined not to be down on the night I drove back to Sheffield and happily left £160 up on cash play.

Thursday saw me playing in the 20/20 at G casino in Sheffield where I netted 2nd place followed by a 5 day break with the odd online cash game thrown in.

Now for this week’s questions.

I was playing live in the SPT (Sky Poker Tour) and a chap on my table was raising and re-raising every hand. I knew he couldn’t always have a good hand but whenever I choose to call he hit and won! How do you play against someone like this? - Garry Newman, Langold

Whenever you play cards you will come across a host of different opponents, from the tight players that will bet with nothing less than a premium hand to the loose aggressive players like you have mentioned. As a rule for me I will always regard a loose players hand with very little respect.

You should try to extract chips from the rest of the table first giving you a chip lead over the player.

When you have this or a big hand in the mean time you’re ready to act.

Bluffing this kind of player will cost you big as often they will never fold. When you get a premium hand re- raise them preflop. If they go all in I would be happy to call.

If they call take a look at the flop. If you have an over pair put them all in. If their really bad a call will usually follow and unless you get really unlucky you will take them out with ease.

If they raise the flop and you have two over cards you will have to make a judgment call remembering that they could have easily hit with nothing.

Never give free cards to a player like this though and always apply pressure when you think you have them beat.

How should I act when bluffing? A Taylor, Gateford

A good question and tough to answer without seeing you play. Assuming you’re talking about live play the best way is to take a second to view the board so your opponents fell you have thought your raise through.

Then bet as you would if you have a good hand, high and confidently. If a bluff gets through and you take down a big pot it’s a truly great feeling but I’d advise you never to show a bluff despite the temptation as your respect level at the table will instantly go down.

Especially if you called preflop with absolutely no hand at all. If playing online always try to call or bet within the same time frame. This will make it harder for your opponent to read you.

Shades or No Shades? J Shaw, Worksop

Ha ha, this one made me laugh. Usually no shades dependant on the tournament. In July I’ll be in a £550 freeze out so that will be shades all the way.

Just remember if you wear shades people will usually laugh which is fine, so long as you cash in the tournament, then the laughter stops.

If you get kitted out in hats, shades and earphones and are the first person out you’ll feel a little silly.


Manage your bankroll. Workout a set amount each week or month that you can comfortably afford to lose and use this as your stake.

If you enter a tournament or a cash game with your last tenner and are scared to lose it, you’ll be reluctant to bet with the best hands and ultimately lose.

Until next week, good luck at the tables!


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