Poker Blog: Poker In The Pit - Week 2

Poker player Nick Tyler  (w110505-3a)
Poker player Nick Tyler (w110505-3a)
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Welcome back to The Pit! It’s been an eventful week for me as I have taken a week away from online poker and this week played live.

First I played in the cheap Redtooth league that runs in most local pubs and is excellent for beginners to play for a small stake and swap stories and tips with other poker players.

Having not played live for over six weeks I thought this would be a good way to get back into it.

Of the 34 runners I finished 6th, not enough to cash but still a reasonable placement.

Tuesday found me playing in a £50 freeze out super stack at G Casino in Sheffield where I placed 3rd out of 42 runners collecting a prize of £405 plus a GUKPT tournament entry in July.

Finally tonight, Wednesday, I’ll be playing at DTD in Nottingham as part of their Grand Prix, where over 1,400 entrants will all play on one day this week in the hope of making the final over the weekend.

I’ll let you know how I get on next week.

Now for this week’s questions.

I was looking at playing online and saw many different tournaments, freeze outs, sit and go’s ect. What is the difference in these tournaments and which would suit a beginner? - Charles Lowe, Kilton

There are many different types of tournaments and any can be suitable for any level of skill.

They are just there to give you some choice. A freeze out is a tournament where no re-buys or add-on’s are allowed so the stack you start with are the only chips you’ll get and when lost your tournament is over.

A re-buy offers a period of time in which players can re-buy chips for the buy in fee when low stacked, anything from 0 chips to starting stack depending on the site.

These also offer an add-on period in the break where any player with any chip stack can re-buy once only for the buy in, the add-on is usually more chips than the re-buy gives.

After the add-on period the tournament turns to a freeze out. Bounty Hunter, Head Hunter and Shootout tournaments are all the same.

The buy in is split 75%/25%, the 75% going into the prize pool and the 25% being a bounty on your head for the player who knocks you out of the tournament.

Even if you don’t make the cash you can be in profit from bounties.

What is a 3 bet? - P Tomlinson, Manton

A 3 bet is basically exactly what it sounds like. It is re-raising a raiser by 3 times the bet.

It is a very effective bet because it tells the original raiser that you have a good hand and therefore will usually dispose of any bluffs.

It is most effective on the turn when people are more reluctant to call a big raise with a draw as they now only have one card left to come.


Don’t be intimidated at the table. Always remember that regardless of an opponents skill or bankroll you are both being dealt 2 cards and both have as much chance as each other to hit the flop. Play your own game and stick to a level that your bankroll comfortably allows.

Until next week, good luck at the tables!

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