Pokeman GO players who cheat will be permanently banned

Pokeman GO cheats will receive a permanent ban.Pokeman GO cheats will receive a permanent ban.
Pokeman GO cheats will receive a permanent ban.
Pokemon GO players who are found to be cheating will have a permanent ban slapped on them, it has been announced.

The game’s developer, Niantic, has altered the terms and conditions to include the condition that a life ban will ensue for anyone caught using trickery to bag Pokemon.

The new clause prohibits: “Falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokemon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.”

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It has been reported that some users have managed to fool the app into thinking they were at a different location. Some Pokemon are region-specific, although taken to extremes, a player could play the game without leaving their home.

“Our goal is to provide a fair, fun and legitimate game experience for everyone,” Niantic said:

“We will continue to work with all of you to improve the quality of the gameplay, including ongoing optimization and fine tuning of our anti-cheat system.”

Anyone believing that have been unfairly banned can access an appeals system.

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