Plans for two shale gas drilling sites in Bassetlaw given go ahead

Dart Energy at the Tinker Lane site.
Dart Energy at the Tinker Lane site.

Planning permission to drill exploratory shale gas wells at two sites in Bassetlaw has been given the green light.

Nottinghamshire County Council has approved an application, by Dart Energy, to drill land near the A634, between Barnby Moor and Blyth, and at a separate site on land off Springs Road, Misson.

The council says that mo hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is included as part of the development.

Council bosses also say the planning permision includes 52 separate conditions put in place to “minimise the impacts” of the develeopment on the environement and communites- such as a ban on lorries from the site passing Blyth Primary School at certain time.

The Blyth development site, which is currently open farmland, is around 1.5km north-west of Barnby Moor and 3km south-east of Blyth.

The Misson site – a former Cold War missile launch site - is around 3km north-east of Misson, close to the Nottinghamshire, Doncaster and North Lincolnshire local government boundary.

Further information about shale gas development, including the role of other regulatory bodies and the issues the County Council can take into account when determining applications, is available from the website