Worksop Wilko man Nigel is now company's longest-serving employee

A staff member at the Wilko supply centre in Worksop is now the company’s longest-serving employee.

Monday, 12th October 2020, 3:15 pm

Nigel Middleton has been working for Wilko for 47 years, since he started as a Saturday assistant at the company’s Narborough Road store in Leicester in 1973.

And Nigel’s long service is just one part of an incredible century of loyal service the Middleton family has given to Wilko.

Nigel’s brother David, who currently works at the company’s Loughborough store, has been part of the Wilko family for 41 years.

Nigel Middleton has worked for Wilko for 47 years and is currently based at the support centre in Worksop

Nigel also met his wife Sharon whilst at work and she herself was a Wilko employee for 42 years.

Their two children Gemma and Craig both spent summer holidays working for Wilko and in Middleton-family tradition, Craig is now a full-time employee with a decade of experience too.

Another team member in Worksop being recognised by the business for his long service is Stewart Halpin, who is celebrating 33 years at Wilko.

The Middleton family and Stewart are amongst dozens of team members celebrating long tenures at Wilko this year as part of the retailer’s 90th birthday commemorations.

Jerome Saint-Marc, Wilko chief executive, said: “It’s 90 years since we first opened our doors on the high street to free up hard-working families to be the best they can be by helping them get their jobs done.

"We’ve kept our doors open through every world event and this year we know first-hand when the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic reached the UK, just how hard our team members have worked in supporting our customers.

“At Wilko we’re not just family owned, we are a family and this is what brings us together.

“We stand for similar values to respect each other, show we care, make it fun, be better every day and to pull together.

"This is what makes Wilko different and why we’re so proud that many team members, such as Craig, David and Nigel Middleton and Stewart Halpin, truly make Wilko a part of their own family too.

“We’re truly thankful for the support of our team members, particularly those who have dedicated their careers to Wilko, and look forward to working alongside one another for years to come.”