Worksop tenant banned after suspected drug dealing

PC Nathan Thomas and Peter Exley, Tenancy and Estates Manager at Bassetlaw District Council.
PC Nathan Thomas and Peter Exley, Tenancy and Estates Manager at Bassetlaw District Council.

A council tenant has been banned from his flat for three months following years of disruptive behaviour and suspected drug dealing.

A Bassetlaw District Council secured a three-month Closure Order at Mansfield Magistrates Court, which means that no one can enter the property at 18 Redforde Park Avenue in Retford, including the tenant, Lee Charles.

The 46-year-old is suspected of dealing drugs from the property due to the high number of people that frequently visited the flat, sometimes several times a day and often for just a short period, in addition to drug paraphernalia being found in and around the flat.

There was also years of anti-social behaviour that included noise and shouting.

Alison Craig, head of housing at the council worked alongside Nottinghamshire Police, residents and the council’s Anti Social Behaviour team, said: “Preventing someone from entering their home is a last resort before taking possession of the property. However, the Council felt that it has exhausted all other ways of forcing Charles to change his behaviour and an application for a Closure Order was the only option left available. I hope that the residents of Redforde Park Avenue are now able to enjoy a normal and peaceful life.”

The council obtained a Suspended Possession Order in December 2017 in an attempt to force Charles to comply with the terms of his Tenancy Agreement.

However, following a lull in activity between December 2017 and May 2018, activity at the flat increased again and the ASB returned.

Alan Heppenstall, ASB team leader said: “We’d like to thank residents for their patience and assistance while this matter was investigated and brought to a successful conclusion. The evidence they provided was invaluable and allowed us to make this successful application.”