Worksop resident shocked at litter left on Kilton Forest Golf Course after 'party'

A Worksop resident said he is worried after finding a concerning amount of litter, including drug paraphernalia, on a popular golf course and nature spot.

Thursday, 10th September 2020, 7:00 am

The resident, who did not want to be named, was left concerned after finding 18-30 separate items of litter strewn across Kilton golf course, including drug paraphernalia in the form of used Nitrous Oxide cannisters, a shopping trolley, and an empty box of lager.

The walker said: "As we were coming round the golf course, as we do often, we saw a Morrisons trolley there, an empty cardboard box and then these little silver things.

"There was that box, which it said there was 24, and they were just strewn all over."

An empty box of 'laughing gas'.
An empty box of 'laughing gas'.

It adds to concerns that, although lockdown restrictions have been lifted to some degree, people may be meeting other households and socialising in large groups in small areas.

The litter was found on the southernmost area of Kilton Forest Golf Course on the morning of Wednesday, September 9, and all of the items left were found in a three metre diameter by the passer-by.

He added: "If they are going to do it, then take it all with them and then nobody knows they will have been there and they would only know themselves.

"We have seen odd ones before, but this was the first time it looked like someone had obviously had a party.

The walker said he was 'concerned' about the amount of litter left on the course.

"When we were on lockdown, you would see half a dozen of them up there drinking, but they were out of the way not doing anybody any harm.

"But they have been leaving a mess, and that's not good."

The gentleman has also contacted the council about the growing amounts of dog waste being left by owners in the area.

Over a month ago it was announced that Bassetlaw District Council has introduced environmental enforcement officers, who have the power to issue £100 Fixed Penalty Notices for people found dropping litter or not cleaning up their dog’s mess.

Empty Nitrous Oxide canisters were found amongst the litter.

Bassetlaw District Council has been contacted for a comment.