Worksop raised YouTube star sends Big Mac into space and eats it

The burger in space.
The burger in space.

A YouTube star sent a McDonald’s Big Mac into space – and then ate it after it fell back to earth almost 200 miles away at a football ground.

Tom Stanniland, also known by his YouTube name Kill’em, attached the burger to a weather balloon and sent it skywards.

After a long trip into space the balloon popped and sent the Big Mac spiralling back down to earth.

Tom, who was born and raised in Worksop, has over 2.7 million followers on his YouTube channel. He said: “I sent a burger into space using a weather balloon.

“It has gone about 24 miles up where it popped and came back down, travelled a hundred miles and landed in Colchester.”

It landed at the training ground of League Two club Colchester United in Essex.

After a bemused groundsman made the discovery on one of the pitches he contacted club officials and before long Tom himself paid a visit wanting to know where his burger was.

When he got there, he decided to give the burger a try.

He attached a tracking device which cut out when the balloon got too high.

But it re-activated when it hit the ground again and he simply followed the signal.

Tom with the burger - taken by Colchester United

Tom with the burger - taken by Colchester United

When he arrived, he decided to take a bite out of the ‘burger.

And the big question is – how did this space oddity taste?

After taking a bite, Tom said: “That’s not nice. It’s drying my mouth out.

“I’ve eaten a burger from space.

“That’s it, I’ve done it.”

The internet star has also been known to do other unusual things including making a suit out of bread and then feeding himself to ducks, eating the world’s hottest chillis, drinking his own urine and mailing himself.

His videos are thought to have been filmed in and around Worksop.