Worksop puppies: 8-week-old beagle cross pups among dogs at animal shelter near town searching for new families

More than a dozen dogs, including some pups, are currently searching for loving homes to spend the rest of their lives in – can you help?

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, based in North Anston, has many dogs of all ages and sizes ready to be given a new home. Some pets have spent many months at the shelter or between foster homes while waiting for a new owner to give them the comfortable and happy life they deserve.

Whether you live alone and are looking for a new companion to focus your attention on, or you’re part of a bustling family looking for a new cuddly friend, there is certainly a dog here that will suit your household.

All visits to Thornberry are by appointment only to reduce any stress on the animals in their day-to-day life. If you would like to find out any more information on the dogs you see below, simply fill out an enquiry form on the shelter’s website here.

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