Worksop care home residents treated to special visit from Peewee the pony

Residents living at a Worksop care home welcomed with open arms a very special guest - Peewee the therapy pony.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 5:02 pm

Residents living at Horizon’s Greenacres Grange Care Home, in Wingfield Avenue, were visited by Peewee the therapy pony as a scheme to help residents' wellbeing.

With many of Greenacres Grange residents being animal lovers, equine therapy was a perfect fit to bring some extra joy into their lives.

Many residently were able to enjoy petting Peewee and those with greater mobility were able to have a go at grooming him and leading him around.

Resident Lena Bainbridge was amongst many who enjoyed petting Peewee the therapy pony.

Everyone from residents to staff were left with a smile on their face after getting to know the well-behaved pony, and they are already looking forward to welcoming Peewee back to Greenacres Grange for another visit.

One resident, Charlotte Herter, 86, was almost brought to tears with joy as she was visited by Peewee.

Leslie Oldham, 95, asked the care workers if they were pulling his leg as he couldn’t believe his eyes when the pony entered his own bedroom.

Anita Cooper, Home Manager said “We take time to understand what people love, how they like to spend their time, we do our best to give them an opportunity to have a day that’s special to them and that’s where Peewee came in.

Peewee was on his best behaviour while visiting Greenacres Grange in Worksop.

“Animal therapy is an important part of our lifestyle program at Greenacres Grange as it brings such joy to residents and helps start conversations about the past.

“We had never had a pony visit before but it certainly won’t be the last!”

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