TV star Alice Roberts to become a patron of Creswell Crags

Well-known TV personality and academic, Professor Alice Roberts has become a patron at Creswell Craggs.

Professor Alice Roberts is becoming a patron of Creswell Crags. Photo: Paul Wilkinson
Professor Alice Roberts is becoming a patron of Creswell Crags. Photo: Paul Wilkinson

Prof Roberts said she was ‘delighted’ to become a patron at the site which is famous for its Ice Age cave art, archaeological and paleontological finds linking its limestone caves to prehistoric hunters and creatures such as woolly mammoths and hyenas.

The site also recently hit the headlines for the discovery of the largest collection of protective ‘witch marks’ found in the UK.

This latest discovery was featured last year on an episode of Digging for Britain, which Prof Roberts presents.

She also visited the site in 2010 to see the Ice Age rock art in Church Hole cave as part of the first series of Digging for Britain.

As a high profile media and academic personality, known for her work with prehistory, science, and evolution, her expertise is highly relevant to to the site.

She said: “I’m delighted to become a patron of this incredibly important site – with rock art dating back to the end of the Palaeolithic, when ancient hunter gatherer groups were re-colonising Britain, as the ice sheets of the last Ice Age were retreating.

“From that ancient rock art - the most northerly in Europe - to later ‘witches’ mark’ engravings, Creswell Crags is steeped in mystery and history.”

Dr Tim Caulton, chair of Creswell Heritage Trust, commented: “Creswell Heritage Trust is absolutely delighted that Prof Alice Roberts has accepted our invitation to become patron of the trust.

“Alice is an enthusiastic, popular and well-respected supporter of public engagement with science, history and archaeology and as such she embodies the aims and aspirations of staff, trustees and supporters of Creswell Crags as we strive to become a site of World Heritage Status.”

Paul Baker, executive director of Creswell Heritage Trust, added: “The appointment of Prof Roberts as a new patron marks a significant moment in the evolution of the trust.

“We are honoured that Alice has accepted our invitation and we look forward to working with her and welcoming her to the site.

“Her reputation and academic credentials perfectly reflect those of our site. This is a wonderful start to 2020.”