Spooky! Terrifying tour of 12 haunted places in Mansfield and Nottinghamshire

Halloween is creeping ever closer, filling our imagination with spooky and scary thoughts.

So let’s go on our own ghost hunt in the run-up to October 31 and visit those notorious places in Mansfield and the rest of Nottinghamshire that are said to be haunted.

The county has long been home to paranormal activity – from mysterious noises and smells to strange sightings and amazing apparitions.

It is said that Nottinghamshire is littered with such a wide range of ghostly goings-on because its past is inextricably linked both to the opulent wealth of the establishment and to the abject poverty of the working class.

So to prepare ourselves for Halloween, join us on this terrifying tour of the 12 most haunted places, complete with photos of how they look now or when they were at their spookiest!