South Yorkshire fire chiefs issue bonfire night safety advice

Fire chiefs in South Yorkshire are urging people to keep safe on Bonfire Night.

They say the Bonfire Night period is traditionally one of the busiest of the year for South Yorkshire firefighters, although arson attacks on November 5 are said to have reduced over the last five years.

In the run up to bonfire night, fire service staff have been issuing safety advice and leaflets to residents about firework safety, as well as reminding retailers not to sell fireworks to under 18s.

Trevor Bernard, head of community safety for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, said: “The best way to enjoy bonfire night is to attend an organised display.

“The bonfires are bigger, the fireworks are better and they are a lot safer.

“If you are intent on holding your own display, the advice is simple. Only buy British Standard marked fireworks, follow the instructions on the box and site any bonfires well away from buildings.

“The fire service’s top three tips for staying safe this bonfire night are to attend organised displays, only buy fireworks from reputable retailers and never from people on the street.

“Light bonfires well away from sheds, fences, bushes and trees.”