Sir Cliff puts apartment on the market after South Yorkshire Police raid

Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard has put his UK home for sale - vowing never to return to the property after detectives from South Yorkshire Police raided it.

The multi-millionaire’s Berkshire apartment was searched last year after Sir Cliff was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy at a Christian rally in Sheffield in 1985.

The pre-planned raid, carried out when Sir Cliff was at his holiday home in Portugal, was filmed by the BBC - leading to severe criticism of South Yorkshire Police for tipping off the media organisation beforehand.

Sir Cliff, who denies any wrongdoing, was interviewed under caution last year but has not been arrested or charged over the alleged sex attack.

His friend, entertainer Cilla Black, said: “Cliff told me he’s just put the flat on the market. It’s the saddest thing for him, but he had to do it.

“He said he never wants to live there again. It’s awful. Cliff is not all right, not at all.

“He doesn’t want to go back there because he’s worried this is still hanging over him.

“When the police raided it was an invasion of his privacy. I can’t even advise him because - my God - though I’ve been through a lot, this is outside my experience.

“ He will never, ever go back there again. I don’t blame him.”

In February, South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable David Crompton revealed the investigation into Sir Cliff, 74, had ‘increased significantly in size’ and now involves ‘more than one allegation’.

Sir Cliff insists claims against him are ‘absurd and untrue’.

His apartment is on the market for £4.75 million.