Retford Jaguar fan sticking with hospice cause

Stuart and his first charity car.
Stuart and his first charity car.

A retired Retford man has set his sights on raising a staggering £150,000 for a hospice by covering a Jaguar in thousands of stickers.

Stuart Dixon is again adorning one of his Jaguars with stickers to raise money for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in North Anston.

The latest charity car - which is half covered in stickers.

The latest charity car - which is half covered in stickers.

This time it is the turn for his Jaguar 5l XK Portfolio, which he is decorating half with the Union Jack and half with the Star and Stripes of the American flag.

He is making the pattern out of stickers with businesses names on them.

Last year, he raised an incredible £80,000 from decorating one of his cars and this year he hopes to do even better.

The 73-year-old, who ran Retford’s Trent Plant and Tool Hire for 30 years, wants to raise £150,000 this time.

And he is more than on his way there as he has currently raised £62,000, and the car is only half full.

He said: “I can’t think of a better cause to do it for.

“And, it is terrific fun to take the car out with the stickers on and to decorate it.”

The hospice cares for children and young adults in their own homes and at its hospice.

It needs £11,000 a day to keep its door open.

When he retired, Stuart brought eight Jaguars, as there is “nothing better for the money and they are British”, and now takes them to shows across the country.

He says people love to see his current charity project on the roads, as well as his other sticker-filled car, a Jaguar XK Coupe.

Stuart said: “I still have the first sticker-filled car.

“It still has the stickers on, I couldn’t take them off – people love it. I’m taking them to Sandringham next.”

Stuart started decorating the current car in February .

He and is encouraging businesses in the area to help out and donate to have their sticker on the car. He said: “I have businesses from all over donating from when I go to car shows, but I need business from the area to donate.”

If you are a business which would like to have your name on the car, you can contact Stuart via email at

The standard donation for the stickers is £10 for a small sticker and £200 for a large sticker.