Readers respond to the parking chaos around Bassetlaw Hospital

Readers have shared their views on the parking problems around Bassetlaw Hospital affecting staff and residents.

By Kirsty Hamilton
Tuesday, 24th August 2021, 5:06 pm

Residents in Worksop have shared their opinions on the high price of parking for NHS workers in the hospital car park, and the busy residential streets as staff park elsewhere to save money.

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The parking charges at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH) were withheld over the pandemic to show support to staff, but they were reintroduced on July 19 in line with government policy as Covid-19 restrictions began to ease.

On street parking around Bassetlaw Hospital

NHS staff paying parking charges have long been a national controversial issue, but this is worsened by long delays over staff permits at Bassetlaw Hospital, with some readers claiming the backlog is up to two years.

Guardian readers on Facebook had their say on the matter, with Melanie Smith saying she is unable to park outside her own house. “If we have visitors they can't park. It's a joke. If you want workers in the hospital then let them park for free,” she said.

Deborah Smith said she always tries to be considerate and avoids parking in front of someone’s house if she can avoid it. “I wouldn't like it but I can't afford 9 per day parking on 9 quid odd an hour.”

Some readers also expressed their safety concerns with Kirsten Lowe saying she hates to think what might happen when everyone is back to school, and Kerry-Anne Linton says there’s an accident waiting to happen as people park on the corner outside Greenacres Grange care home.

Simon Houghton blames the NHS Trust for “absolute nightmare” on Wingfield Avenue, and called for free staff parking.

On Facebook, Councillor Alan Rhodes of Worksop North East commented: “This has been going on for too long. (DBTH) has to take responsibility and stop saying that chaotic parking on the streets surrounding the hospital isn’t their problem. Address your excessive staff and visitor parking charges!”

In a previous statement from DBTH, Dr Kirsty Edmondson Jones, director of estates and facilities, said that they are undertaking work to issue more permits in the coming weeks and months, and that although parking space will always be at a premium, they are exploring options to create more parking areas.