Pupils from a Worksop primary school remake Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop The Feeling video

As an end of year project Year 6 students from a Worksop school have remade the music video for Justin Timberlake's hit song, Can't Stop The Feeling.
Hemn Warmington as Justin TimberlakeHemn Warmington as Justin Timberlake
Hemn Warmington as Justin Timberlake

The pupils at Holy Family Catholic Family School in Netherton Road, Worksop, have filmed an exact frame-for-frame replica made with children playing all the characters.

And they are hoping it will be seen by the man himself.

Richard Hinchcliffe, business manager, said: "We knew there was a strong chance that it might go viral on social media once we launched it, so a key part was getting parents to give their consent from the outset; and our parents are amazingly supportive. The video has only been posted a few hours and has already had over 200 views.

"Our hope is that we might get Justin Timberlake himself to watch it and give us a like. We’ve linked him in on Twitter so only time will tell.

"We held the premier last night (Thursday, July 11) and the response from parents was way beyond anything we could have imagined. We put the videos side by side for parents so they could see the attention to detail that has gone into the project.

"It was my idea. I’m into photography and have done some basic videography before so I volunteered to be director, cameraman and editor.

"It’s taken since Christmas to plan and organise and filming has taken six weeks and editing has taken 20 hours.

"I’ve had to fit all this around my day job so it’s been a busy and stressful time; but lots of fun.

"We were going to do it last year but OFSTED landed and we couldn’t. I’ve made life more difficult for myself as I’ve wanted, from the start, to make ours an EXACT frame for frame replica of the original."

The music video was made rather than doing a stage show or school play.

Richard said: "School plays are very labour intensive for both the children and the staff so we thought we’d try something different.

"Children were only needed for short amounts of time for filming and could then return to lessons.

"Instead of the last six weeks of school spend in a hot hall running scenes and lines for a play they have been able to continue their learning."

Rachel McEvoy, headteacher, said: “We are very excited about this project as it’s something completely different; it has been a fantastic learning opportunity.

“We aim to give our pupils exciting learning opportunities, and this project has certainly challenged their learning out of the classroom.

“We are very lucky that we have such a talented staff who can take on these sorts of projects.

"At Holy Family we celebrate diversity and have a broad and relevant curriculum that offers all children the chance to shine. I was thrilled that the talent of the children and staff was put to excellent use in this project. Their memories of primary school will be treasured forever."

Nicola Szlachta, 11, who played the part of Sara, said: “I felt really excited and just wanted to do it straight away. I learned not to be scared of what people say.

"If someone will laugh at you then just don’t be worried about it.

“It wasn’t as stressful as a play, as when we do shows it takes up the whole day to rehearse, but for this we could just have fun."

Hemn Warmington, 11, who had the part of Justin Timberlake, said: “I was really looking forward to it and got my mum to sign the permission letter straight away.

“All the movie stars get to do this, so I’ve had like a taste of what it feels like, and how fun it is.

“Once we’d done all the filming we didn’t have re-do it and keeping doing it over and over like we would with a play”

Sheraya Denison, 11, who played one of the Philips, said: “In the beginning I was worried that I might be laughed at but it was really fun.

“All we had to learn was our dance moves, it wasn’t as hard as learning lines for a play."

Richard said: "Parents have been unbelievably supportive from the word go and came up with some amazing costumes and props.

"I’m a bit of a stickler for accuracy and detail and I think the item of clothing I’m most proud of getting is the Pale Green ‘Members Only’ jacket that ‘Dave’ the car wash guy has.

"I found an identical one on eBay for £13. But parents have sourced everything else.

"Local businesses have been very supportive and helpful too, like Morrisons, Currys PC World, OK Diner Newark, Krispy Kreme, Whitworth Brothers Flour Mills, Melmar Stone (East Markham), ARC Car Wash, Worksop Leisure Centre, Route A619 Diner, Macs Autos, Swallownest Laundrette and Dry Cleaners, Carlton-in-Lindrick Barber shop ‘Barber Queue’.

"The logistics of planning filming at each venue was immense. It had to fit into the school day, my diary, the venue’s diary and when the children were free."

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