Pause for Thought

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It’s Hallowe’en! “All Hallows’ Eve” is the night before All Hallows’ (Saints’) Day, which is today, November 1. 

The Saints are those men and women whose earthly lives of prayer inspire us, and who, now in heaven, pray with us and for us, just as we on earth pray for each other. 
We pray that at the end of our own earthly lives, and those of our loved ones, we may all share the Saints’ joy in heaven. 
And so, on Saturday, 2, the day after All Saints, do join us - 11.30am at St Paul’s or 4.30pm at the Priory - as we pray for all who have died in God’s mercy.

Fr Michael Vyse, Assistant Curate, Priory and St Paul’s churches, Worksop.