Mystery solved! Child who wrote letter to Santa found in Worksop chimney has been found

The mystery of who wrote a letter to Santa that was found up a chimney in Worksop has been solved.

By Kirsty Hamilton
Wednesday, 4th August 2021, 3:28 pm

Robert W Crampton has revealed that the letter dates back to just before Christmas in 1961, when he was just five-years-old.

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Worksop chimney sweepers search for the family of a child who wrote letter to Sa...

The letter, found by Sweeps Chimney Services in Worksop, showed Robert asking for "a cowboy suit and guns and a hat and everything”, and we can now rest easy knowing that Santa met the child’s expectations.

60 year-old letter found in Worksop chimney

After being contacted by as far away as Australia about the letter, Robert saw the handwriting belonged to his father, the senior Robert Crampton, who wrote it on his behalf.

After speaking to his mother, she reminded Robert that he did in fact get some of the kit he so sweetly asked for.

“I got a cap gun which was like a cowboy six-shooter and a holster, and I remember getting a sheriff's badge," Robert said

Robert, now 65, was born in Retford before moving to Surrey, where he then served 30 years with Surrey Police before retiring in 2013.

Robert W Crampton at Worksop home as a child

"I always wanted to be the sheriff, and I suppose I was in a way," he said.

Robert thanked the office manager of Sweeps Chimney Services, Cheryl Thorne, and the chimney sweeper who found the letter, Josh Gaze for “selflessly” campaigning to find him.

Cheryl says she is delighted that the mystery has come to a such a positive close.

"It just means the world to us, it’s really really lovely,” Cheryl said. “It’s just a nice end to a nice story.

"I spoke to [Robert], we had a really long chat about what the letter means to him and he thanked us for taking the time to try and get it back to him.”

Robert hopes to be reunited with the letter so his daughters can have a piece of their grandfather, who died in 1996, aged 66.