Worksop Library Fun Palace, Sterling shows sister Caitlin and dad Simon Nicholass what to do in the science area.

In Pictures: Worksop Library's Fun Palace a 'phenomenal' success

Worksop Library was transformed into a booming palace of fun on Saturday – and despite heavy rain it attracted around 1,800 fun-loving people.

Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 2:23 pm

Fun Palaces are part of a nationwide, free campaign to celebrate the unique skills and passions of local people - run by, for, and with the local community.

Worksop Library saw a variety of activities aimed at anyone of any age, ranging from bracelet making, a day in the life of The Straws run by National Trust’s Mr Straw's team, nature crafts, Ignite! science busking, the Harley Gallery, and even the opportunity to draw your own portrait with artist Emma Reynard as part of The Big Draw 2021 event.

One parent messaged the library to tell them about their son who has been busy creating his own stop-frame animations after an inspiring session ran by one of the library tutors at the event using an iPad and Lego.

Library manager Steve Powell, said: “It was just a phenomenal event.

"As you're probably aware, Worksop’s had kind of a double-whammy really - we had the floods in 2019 which shut the building down for over a year, and then obviously towards the end of that period was Covid as well, so we've been out the building for so long.

"We very much approached the Fun Palace as a kind of a let's get back to normal, almost like an unofficial re-opening in some ways, so it was the biggest event we've done since we reopened in April.

“Thank you to all the fun palace makers who were the people that came along and did sessions on the day, a great thank you to all of them.

"Also a big thank you to everyone that attended because everyone was in such good spirits.

"It was just a really, really lovely day – we will definitely be doing it again next year.”

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