Take a look at these pictures from Worksop Pride 2023Take a look at these pictures from Worksop Pride 2023
Take a look at these pictures from Worksop Pride 2023

IN PICTURES: Crowds pour out for Worksop Pride despite the heavy rain

Despite torrential rain lashing down on the town, bumper crowds poured into Worksop on Saturday to take part in Pride 2023.

The annual event, which celebrates the LGBTQI+ community, kicked off with a parade from Worksop’s railway station at 11am, with crowds cheering the parade along Carlton Road, into the town centre and up Bridge Street.

Later, the Main Stage in Old Market Square was hosted by drag favourite ‘Vivian Twist’ and featured a line-up including tribute acts Almost P!nk, Do It Like Dua and Take This as well as Esmé Lucas and British actress – star of Bad Girls, Casualty, and Emmerdale – Nicole Faraday.

This year also saw a performance from Angie Brown, who had hits in the 90’s with ‘I’m gonna get you baby’ and ‘Playing with knives’ and finished with ‘Take This’ – a tribute act to Take That!

For the first time, a second stage was placed on Bridge Street, hosted by Emma Maezin – the line was a mixture of professional singers plus acts and singers from the community, from Shab, Ashley Paul, Kian Butler, Maureen McManus and Tiggy Hawke.

Speaking prior to the event, organiser and founder Crystal Lucas said: "I lost my mum earlier this year and I’m reminded of when I first came up with the idea of Worksop Pride, she said ’why do we have to have it in our back yard, I replied ’why do I need to go to someone else’s back yard to be me?’

“Seeing so many people come together on the day of the event, able to be themselves, surrounded by family and friends, having the confidence to express themselves, seeing the community come together, just makes everything worthwhile. I’m very thankful to Philip Jackson and to the Charter Trustees and North Notts BID for sponsoring the event.”

Take a look at these pictures from the day.

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