Harworth pensioner raises £1,000 for charity through spiritual visions

A Harworth pensioner has raised more £1,000 for two charities through her unique ability of spirit readings.

By Kirsty Hamilton
Monday, 20th September 2021, 1:28 pm

Beryl Griffiths had her first vision in 1984 after visiting the Worksop Spiritualist Church - and has been using her special ability ever since to help others and raise money for charity.

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Beryl, who turns 80 in October, has raised £331 for Blind Veterans UK, and over £700 for a Manchester-based charity that supports children with leukemia after she lost her niece at the age of nine.

Beryl Giffiths had her first vision in 1984.

Beryl, who was born in Salford, believes the visions come from her mother in heaven.

She said: “I'm a Catholic, but I went to a spiritualist church with my friend Hazel.

“They gave me a reading and I cried, and then I looked up and I saw a 17 in the corner and that was the date my mum got buried.

“I think there is another life than what we’ve got here.”

Over the years, Beryl has received many letters of commendation from a number of people, including celebrities Sir Lenny Henry, Sir Bruce Forsyth and Jonathon Ross telling her to ‘keep up the good work’, after she raised money for Comic Relief.

Beryl can read spirits best through looking at rings and flowers – but can also see them in people’s skin.

“A woman asked me to read her spirit and I looked at her skin and saw a name,” she said.

“I said ‘what does Natasha mean to you?’ - And it was her name.”

Beryl has just purchased a typewriter so she can share her story of seeing spirits. The book will be named ‘Led to Spiritualism’.