Former Worksop miner ‘relieved’ as he releases his second novel - after writing the 511 pages by hand

A former Worksop miner and newly turned author has had his exciting second book published, with many more to come.

By Kirsty Hamilton
Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 11:50 am

David Simpson, 72, from Woodsetts, has released ‘Storm Clouds’, the sequel to his previous successful fantasy thriller, ‘Claire’s Angel’, and is optimistic that his new read “definitely won't disappoint”.

“It is an exciting read, though I should caution not one for the faint hearted,” said David.

“This is an action packed book that often leaves you horrified and perhaps a little breathless at the seemingly senseless slaughter inflicted on innocent people.”

Author and ex-miner David Simpson has published his second novel, Storm Clouds

After spending 22 years working at Manton Colliery, retirement gave David the time he needed to start dabbling in writing fiction, and it didn’t take long before he had his first book published in 2018, by Arthur H Stockwell in Devon.

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Since then, David hasn’t been able to put his pen down, and his wife, Rita, has helped him with the process by typing up his handwritten book onto the computer.

Rita said: “There is some violence in it because of the terrorism but it’s also a good story. It’s action packed - more action than the first one. It’s very good.”

The new 500-book has been published by Max Media Publishing in Mansfield.

‘Storm Clouds’ continues on from ‘Claire’s Angel’, a book that follows the part-angel, part-human Luke Henderson, a book seller in York’s Micklegate, who protects the weak from evildoers.

However, the more time he lives among humans, the more his supernatural powers come into conflict with his humanity and his angel superiors become concerned that he is exceeding his remit.

Unfortunately, things only get more complicated as Luke falls in love with Claire, a young nightclub worker who is caught up with a struggle between the club’s Jordanian co-owners.

The new book only promises more action as it deals with unspeakable acts of violence and terrorism that are carried out across London, Europe and the Middle East.

The main characters Luke and Claire find themselves caught up in an ever-increasing cycle of violence brought about through their friendship with Yasmin, a beautiful Jordanian woman caught up in her own family power struggle orchestrated by her estranged brother Ali.

Ali will stop at nothing to see his sister dead and anyone else she holds dear, but Luke and Claire have enough troubles of their own as their own son Adam begins to exhibit the same sort of powers and abilities that his father already has.

“This is a rip-roaring read of a book that will sometimes leave you reeling in the wake of the often bloody violence,” says David.

David and Rita are planning to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in September in York, where the series is based, with a book signing.

David has also finished writing two short stories for children, as well as a crime thriller based in North America; so make sure to keep an eye on his website for more information on his upcoming releases.

Storm Clouds is priced £9.99 and is available for order from Amazon, Waterstones and the publishers.