Crime in Nottinghamshire plummets in the last 12 months despite 'challenging year'

Robberies, sexual offences, violence and other serious crimes in Nottinghamshire have all fallen significantly in the figures, covering nearly all of the last year.

By Shelley Marriott
Friday, 26th March 2021, 9:32 am

The numbers, collated internally by Nottinghamshire Police, show an overall reduction in crime of 21.6 per cent compared with previous 12 months and give a complete overview of crimes committed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Robberies fell by 36.2 per cent, burglary offences by 35 per cent and theft by 32 per cent.

Offences of violence resulting in injury fell by 25.9 per cent and domestic violence fell by 9.1 per cent.

Crime has fallen across Nottinghamshire in the past 12 months.

Drug offences were down by 9.9 per cent over all, but a significant increase (11.6 per cent) was recorded in offences of drug trafficking which is really welcome news – thanks mainly to the Operation Reacher Teams who are responding quickly to community intelligence in cracking down on suspected drug dealers.

Knife crime has continued to fall thanks to a huge team effort involving partners and the Violence Reduction Unit.

It is now under the national average which is a significant outcome.

The force has also launched a second team as part of Operation Uplift this year.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford said: “The last 12 months have been very challenging for the public including all our officers and staff. I am extremely proud of the way they have risen to the challenge with resolve, focus and good humour to help keep people safe.

“Although the national lockdowns have clearly had some impact on these numbers, they also reflect the success of several ongoing initiatives.

“The significant fall in offences of violence is also reflective on the ongoing collaborative of our Violence Reduction Unit, a community partnership to tackle the underlying causes of violent crime.

“Above all, these numbers are the result of an awful lot or hard work by officers and staff in the communities we serve.

"They are working every day not only to target criminals and support victims, but also to build stronger relationships with the public.

"I am constantly humbled by their endeavours and would like to thank each and every one of them for the outstanding service they have provided throughout an especially demanding period.”