Clowne landlord loses £20,000 worth of scooters in house blaze

A heartbroken Clowne landlord has seen three treasured scooters, a ford engine and other expensive items lost in a blaze at his property.

By Christine Marie Christine
Wednesday, 18th August 2021, 3:47 pm

The fire, which happened in Chapel Close also resulted in damage to the property.

Owner of the building, Stuart MacLaughlan, explained how he had walked in to find that most of his treasured valuables had been destroyed - including classic scooters which he estimates to be worth around £20,000.

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Landlord loses £20,000 worth of scooters in house blaze

“I was working at The Great Yorkshire show in Harrogate when the incident happened.

"Although I rarely used to ride my scooters, I always kept them in top condition and polished them regularly.

"It was a hobby which me and my father enjoyed, so I ride them occasionally for work purposes,” Stuart said.

“I can’t believe I have lost £20,000. It will take me months and months to recover all the things I have lost.

Landlord loses £20,000 worth of scooters in house blaze

"The police are investigating, but that does not change what has happened. I’ve lost everything.”

Stuart said he uses busking and music as a way to relax and de-stress from the current situation and he also works as a professional bagpipe player.

“Over time, the value of my scooters increased due to limited numbers made so they were very much antiques. I feel very heartbroken how this happened - now they are gone forever,” he added.

Landlord loses £20,000 worth of scooters in house blaze

Although police are currently investigating the incident, Stuart said that most valuables, such as his shed and gardening tools, may not be covered under his insurance policy.

Landlord loses £20,000 worth of scooters in house blaze