After having to learn to walk again a Worksop man has donated his 100th pint of blood

Tony's medal
Tony's medal

After a blood tranfusion saved his life a Worksop man has now given blood 100 times.

Coun Tony Eaton donated his 100th pint of blood in March 2019 which were all single whole blood donations.

Coun Tony Eaton has donated blood 100 times

Coun Tony Eaton has donated blood 100 times

Tony, 66, said: "The nurses said it’s rare nowadays for someone to reach that milestone, but especially if you know my story.

"I will keep going and this week I donated my 101st pint.

"I am giving back what saved my life."

In 1979 Tony was in a serious crash after a lorry driver who was over the drink-drive limit hit his vehicle and was told he would never walk or work again.

Over the next few years, Tony gradually learned to walk again and since the accident but has never let his injuries or disability get in his way.

Even running numerous marathons and carrying the Olympic torch in 2012.

Coun Tony Eaton said: "I started donating blood many years ago but in 1979 I was involved in a very serious accident and needed blood myself.

"I was in hospital for a very long time and after being allowed home I spent another year learning to walk and had more operations.

"More than two years later I was able to return to work but was told I would need lots more operations for the rest of my life to enable me to be active, however I could end up in a wheelchair due to all the fractures I sustained.

"I did have lots of operations over the years. I have had more than 30 to date with still more to come, but whenever I could I donated blood.

"Lots of great things have happened to me over the years such as being able to work and to also wear the Military uniform again.

"I have done lots of volunteering and charity work over the years but the main goal I set myself was to donate 100 pints of blood and I reached that goal this year..

"I am aiming to go on as long as I am allowed."