Pensioner Jane publishes book

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Laugh-out-loud pensioner Jane Smith who suffers from Parkinson’s has published her first ever book.

Jane, 67, of Hoades Farm, Woodsetts, compiled The Way I See It after retiring as a care assistant in 2000.

More than 70 humorous poems make up the title, which have been designed to make readers see the lighter side of life.

“I am all about having a sense of humour,” Jane said.

“Ever since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s I have been determined to help people see the funnier side of life.”

“I want to make the audience look at life in a different way and enjoy it.”

From passages relating to weddings and everyday life to crocodiles in jungles, the book covers a range of topics for adults and children.

And titles include Worm’s Eye View, The Wedding Outfit and The Dish Cloth.

Jane said: “One of the poems is about my sister - but I will let her figure that one out.”

“I would like to thank all my family and friends for being so patient and understanding. But I do not think they will thank me when they realise they are the subject of my poems.”

Jane said that she approached New Generation Publishing with her idea for the book - and she insists it will not be her last.

“I would like to think that there will be another one,” she added.

“There are plenty of poems left over from this book and I have lots of ideas which I can develop further.”

“My friends and family always challenge me to write about different things and I always accept a challenge.”

“I think people should buy my book because I think they will enjoy it and it will bring them some laughter on days when they feel down.”

The book is available on Amazon for £5.99.