Parking on Worksop streets is causing '˜utter chaos' say residents

People parking on Worksop streets is causing '˜utter chaos' for the residents who now feel the roads are '˜unsafe'.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 13th December 2018, 10:08 am
Updated Thursday, 13th December 2018, 10:10 am

The residents of Slack Walk, Hartland Road, Alderson Road, Humphries Gardens, Garbson Court and Alder Close are experiencing major issues with non resident parking during the day.

Issues include dustbin men not being to get down, buses getting stuck and cars blocking driveways and access to people’s homes.

One resident, Katie Beckwith said: “As this area is close to town, many workers and shoppers are parking cars on the estate to dodge parking fees in town.

“Daily the residents have to put up with chaos that is caused by these unthoughtful people, who park around corners, block drive entrances and park over pavements.

“Slack Walk is a busy road, and with the constant stream of traffic during the day, non-resident parking causes utter chaos in the day time for residents.

“Over time it is getting beyond a joke when dustbin men struggle to get down the roads, the Nottinghamshire County Council bus taking elderly people out to day centres cannot get down, scooters are forced into unclear roads, traffic is forced to go around corners with no visibility, the list goes on.

“Residents of one street actually had to get up early to put their own cars on the road to block non-residents parking.

“A neightbour had died and they wanted to ensure the hurst could get to the deceased’ property.

“Residents have made contact with councillor Kevin Greaves who is helping to offer solutions as they feel the roads are now unsafe.

“Talks continue with Nottinghamshire County Council to rectify this situation before someone is seriously hurt and residents continue to meet and discuss options together as a community.”

Gareth Johnson, Nottinghamshire County Council’s enforcement manager, said: “Based on the concerns that have been raised, the council will immediately increase the number and frequency of enforcement beats on the roads in question and Civil Enforcement Officers will issue Penalty Charge Notices where vehicles are parked in contravention to parking restrictions.

“If there is sufficient local consensus and justification for further restrictions these will be considered by the Highway Manager.”