Parking chaos outside Worksop School

A car is parked on the keep clear zig zag lines and blocking Debbie Lyon in her drive
A car is parked on the keep clear zig zag lines and blocking Debbie Lyon in her drive

Living near a school is so frustrating, said one woman who was blocked in her drive by a parent.

Debbie Lyon lives on Maple Drive, near Prospect Hill schools and outside her home is the zig-zag keep lines which is meant to stop traffic parking there.

However, she feels parents who use the school are not paying any attention to these signs.

She said: “Some parent had parked on the zig-zags and left the car parked over my drive.

“I had to get to an appointment but I was stuck and couldn’t get out so I was late.

“These lines are put in to keep children safe but the parents seem to think the rules don’t apply to them.”
This was Debbie’s childhood home, moving here in 1967 before the school was built in 1971.

“It makes me so mad and frustrated when people turn round to me and say well if you don’t like it you shouldn’t move next to a school but we didn’t.”
The schools, which has two sites; nursery and infant and junior, are not to blame said Debbie who is aware that they send text messages to parents reminding them to park considerably.

“My heart sinks when you drive in to the street and see cars parked everywhere when there is some school event going on that I didn’t know about. “Why should my whole life have to revolve around other people being considerate?

“I appreciate that parents may need to drive if they are heading off to work afterwards but it when people are coming from out of the area and parkin. What is the point of having catchment areas if they are not followed?”

She would like to more done to help the residents in the area but thinks it has gone past the past the point of being fixed.

She added: “I don’t know how what to do but maybe some of the school staff could maybe patrol the surrounding streets at peak times to try stop inconsiderate parkers.”

Sue Osborn, headteacher at the junior school said: “Parking is an ongoing concern and anything that can be done to highlight the importance of the zig-zags is needed.

“People either don’t understand the importance of them or are just ignoring them.

“I will put this issue in the next newsletter to remind parents on and we can get PCSOs out to do spot checks but that is only a short term fix as its peoples attitudes we need to change first.”