Parents reassured the children's centre in Misterton is not closing

Concerned parents have been reassured that the children's centre in Misterton will not be closing.

Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:27 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:43 pm
Bassetlaw Rural Childrenâ¬"s Centre, Misterton

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has confirmed that the Bassetlaw Rural Sure Start Children’s Centre in High Street, Misterton is not closing.

Many services offered by the centres will continue, however most will now be tailored to specific needs and support will be according to that need.

The Children’s Centre will continue to provide support, information and guidance on issues such as emotional health and well-being, potty training, child development, sleep, nutrition and infant feeding, speech and language, domestic violence and signposting to other services as part of the Children’s Centres’ core offer.

The Misterton site will continue to deliver services for two sessions per week in the centre and this will include Family Support as needed.

Where there is identified need outside of these sessions, the teams will continue to offer outreach work to ensure that children under five and their parents receive the help and support that they need locally.

Coun Tracey Taylor, Committee Vice-Chairman for Children and Young People’s Services, said: “Children’s centres were set up to give an improved start to those children most in need and that is where we are prioritising our resources.

“That means that some of our services used by a wider group of parents, such as ‘stay and play’, will be delivered in the future by trained volunteers.

“And experience tells us that volunteering is one of the ways that children’s centres develop parents’ skills and confidence to return to employment as their children get older.

“The Misterton centre is not closing. Consultation will be taking place in the very near future and the views of service users will be considered.

“There is currently a midwifery session provided in the Misterton centre, run by the health service which has decided to relocate this session to a location where there is greater demand.

“This is not a decision of the county council and people will still be able to access midwifery services through the usual routes.”