Parents left to arrange childcare “at drop of a hat” due to repeated closures at Worksop school

Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery School
Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery School

Furious parents of pupils who attend a Worksop school have been left scampering to find emergency childcare due to “never ending” issues with the school’s boiler.

Parents were informed by text that Prospect Hill Infant’s School would be closed last week on Thursday and Friday due to health and safety issues that could arise due to a boiler fault.

A woman who did not wish to be named has grandchildren who attend the school and contacted the Guardian to “speak out” about the closures, which she says are becoming a “regular occurrence.”

She said: “I felt like someone should speak out about this problem as it’s becoming a joke, and it’s been happening quite a bit.

“My daughter, along with many other parents, is having to arrange childcare at the drop of a hat after getting these last minute texts from Prospect Hill.

“With parents being sent to court these days for letting their children miss just a few days of school, I find it all quite ironic.”

Nottinghamshire County Council’s team manager Sara Williams said that a temporary boiler plant had been installed at the school, allowing it to reopen as normal today.

“Unfortunately, the boiler at Prospect Hill has automatically shut down on a few occasions recently which has resulted in the unexpected school closures.

“The causes of the boiler shutdown are complex and County Council officers have been supporting the school with the management of the installation and assessing what remedial measures can be put in place.”

She added: “Following the most recent closure on Friday, officers have sourced a temporary boiler plant to be used whilst a permanent solution is achieved and temporary heaters have also been brought on site.”